Food Hub at CHAOS Local


CHAOS is proactive in creating a sustainable food system for Cornwall that reduces food poverty and bridges the nutrient wealth gap, whilst reducing carbon emissions – we believe this is fundamental to any conversations regarding Cornwall’s levelling up.

A wide range of fresh vegetables are loving grown at CHAOS Farm and CHAOS at Eden, which via a short food journey, are available at our weekly three Larders, to anyone in need.

We also help to reduce food waste and, prevent it going to landfill, by collecting daily, from local supermarkets, surplus food and grocery provisionsIn turn, these are redirected to our larders, individual food boxes and community outlets, giving people an opportunity to use it, free of charge. This supports reducing the impact on the environment and helps save money too.

We support our community in many and diverse ways, as Community is at the heart of all we do. Offering opportunities in variety of volunteering roles within CHAOS Local, we encourage individuals to renew their sense of purpose, meet new people, learn new skills and make a significant difference in the community, whilst reaping great mental, physical and social health benefits. Alongside this, throughout the year our ‘Book Fairy’s ( spreads their wings to hide a variety of books for both adults and children. Wrapped and hidden in secret locations about the area, it’s a project to encourage recycling of reading material and to inspire reading.