Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Project


We are tasked to perform a variety of duties with the aim of improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve. We play a significant role in increasing health promotion, through a range of activities including outreach assessments, community education, signposting, informal counselling, and advocacy.

We are a bridging role between health, social services and community facilitates. We are committed to improving access and support to provisions and services that meet the needs of the local community. This is an exciting opportunity to shape a new way of working with the community and being proactive in finding solutions to challenges families and individuals face on a daily basis.

Our main responsibilities will be making monthly household visits (or more frequent if the household need requires it) within a defined geographical area (up to a maximum of 120 households within defined micro area). Our residential visit will be to assess the health and social needs of everyone within a household, providing a proactive and holistic approach when supporting the local community.


  • Delivering personalised wrap-around support including promoting health and well-being in households.
  • Provide lifestyle advice such as smoking cessation, alcohol consumption, healthy diet, and physical exercise.
  • Provide basic health education around breastfeeding, immunisation, and screening.
  • Providing household support to navigate the health and social care system and access the appropriate services for household needs.
  • Provide signposting and referrals into to other existing community services.
  • Identify household determinants of ill health and health-seeking behaviour and play an active role in resolving these through linkage into the health and social care system.
  • Identify those eligible for childhood and adult immunisations, and cancer screening appointments and encourage the uptake of all appointments. Following up on missed appointments.
  • To support chronic disease diagnosis and management through improved adherence to medication and early identification of signs and symptoms of chronic disease and its complications.

Meet The Team

Bronagh Perry
Community Health & Wellbeing Worker
Zion McCarthy
Community Health & Wellbeing Worker

We are Bronagh & Zion, and may be posting leaflets through your door, which means we will be back soon to introduce ourselves.  You may also see us helping at the local foodbank or pop-up social hubs. We will be wearing our CHWW uniform so you can easily identify us as working. We can’t wait to meet you in the future, and see how best we can help you, or simply catch up in a public space to chat about life over a cuppa!

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