The CHAOS Group are super excited to be working with the Duchy Healthy Charity to promote Health and Wellbeing in communities via the needs and desires of Young People.


We have an amazing pot of funding to support this project and the money will be awarded to different projects, researched, designed, and actioned by Young People across the county!


We don’t think they will mind us saying that most members of the Duchy Health Charity are closer to a Hip Op than Hip HOP **groan** but we’ve got to give them credit where credit is dew because they are AWESOME. A fun and dynamic group of people from various walks and professions now wanting to volunteer their time to support and mentor the Young People of Cornwall to have their SAY!

Fancy it? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 


So Lockdown did throw the cat among the pigeons as they say and the project had to be paused for several months, which was a shame but necessary and we are now raring to go motivated by an even bigger need for Community Health and Wellbeing Support. Pre-Lockdown we had already engaged with several schools and organisations that work and support Young People and we were all set to meet with school councils and groups to start researching their communities and identifying any gaps in support and safe places/things to do.


6 months on we’ve picked this piece of work up and we are currently using the brains of the CHAOS Digital team to design platforms and digital wizardry to allow us to reach Young People face to face and virtually – this will allow us to continue should restrictions increase and guidelines enforced to make things safe but tricky moving forwards. We’re excited to say we are now ready to be beamed – transmitted and skip (where possible) into venues, groups and communities across Cornwall to meet with as many young people as I can to hear your views.


  1. What is your favourite part of your community?
  2. If you could provide anything in your community what would it be?


You can let us know this via email or on our Social Media platforms.