Social Prescribers

Truro & Coastal PCN

Based in Truro and Coastal, PCN’s provide:

A Case Management Social Prescribing service for vulnerable at risk individuals, accessed by GP referral.

Signpost community services (low level support only).

Guided conversations and individual needs and goal setting.

Motivational interviewing and personalised support planning.

Make referrals to community activity/support.

Where necessary, support individuals to access activities.

Follow up and support individuals.

Liaise with volunteers to support individuals to engage where appropriate.

Monitor outcomes for individual/health services.

Young Persons Social Prescriber

Our Young Persons Social Prescriber is based in Two Truro Secondary Schools, wo CHAOS have been hosting a Young Person’s Social Prescriber in two Truro Schools, Penair and Richard Lander since 2020.

Both schools have achieved excellent health and wellbeing outcomes for young people whilst also enabling those at risk of NEET to engage in their timetables – quarterly reports have already been provided to the Board evidencing the outcomes of the work of the Young Peoples Social Prescribing Link Worker (YPSPLW).

The YPSPLW adopts a whole family approach, which is imperative to maintain and sustain positive changes. This has a broader positive impact on the target population being a wide-reaching demographic initially identified through the young people’s world.

This project makes a difference to young people’s health and wellbeing through:

Connecting people to others/peers and community support organisations, helping them to develop the confidence to access and travel to community activity.

Using coaching skills and conversations, motivational interviewing and goal setting to support them to identify opportunities where they felt they had none.

The vision is to develop the model to deliver the service across more Cornish Schools.