Peer Support Worker

Peer support is based on the recognition that there is no better person to support the path towards recovery than someone who has walked the same path and overcome some of the challenges.

The peer support worker will provide formalised peer support and practical assistance to service users, in order for them to regain control over their lives and their own unique recovery process. The peer support worker will come alongside a service user through their journey, and assist them when taking initial steps in a number of areas, dependent on the stage of their personal recovery. For example, recovery activities, volunteering and getting involved in their local community.

Peer support workers will be hosted by VCSE organisations and work as part of the teams within CPFT and in collaboration with other agencies. . Peer support workers engage with service users to show empathy, share experience, inspire hope and promote recovery with the aim of assisting service users to gain and maintain independence in the community.

The role of the peer support worker will be also be focused on how to improve service development. The peer support worker may be involved in recruitment processes to ensure that the staff we employ are best suited to working with people with mental ill health.

The peer support worker will assist service users in raising aspirations and developing personal goals.

The role of Peer Support worker has been developed specifically for those who have lived experience of mental health challenges. Through sharing wisdom from their own experiences they will inspire hope and belief that recovery is possible in others.