Health and Wellbeing Coaches


This role involves working as part of a multi disciplinary team at the Falmouth hub, supporting patients as they move towards engaging in interventions to improve their quality of life. You will work with individuals to co-produce a simple personalised support plan. Based on the individuals’ priorities, interests, values, and motivations, this should include what outcomes they can expect from the groups, activities, and services. In addition to coaching and solution-focused skills, you will need to maximise trust, through consistency, being honest and providing clear boundaries. Using a trauma informed approach, you must ensure physical and emotional safety of the patient.

The role is varied, and will include self-management, and education. Including peer support, case management and facilitating groups. Your approach will need to appreciate patients circumstances in a non-judgemental manner, allowing for negotiation and support of the patient’s personal choices. Some patients may be eligible for a personal health budget, you will help them explore this option as a way of providing funded, personalised support, and where appropriate skills for meaningful employment. Throughout the role you will encourage people, their families, and carers to provide feedback about the impact of health coaching on their lives.