It’s a sub-initiative that reinforce our environmental commitment using the principles of circular economy we want and try to be the most resource efficient organization as possible. We rely on our employees and volunteers to avoid unnecessary resource waste, like paper, diverse office material, food, disposable plastic use, everyone must do their share whenever it’s possible by re-using materials, like back of a printed paper, use every space available on hand written notes, recycling in every CHAOS premises.

We are currently going fully digital, but we must recognize that is by far the most complex step we are currently taking besides all the training, formations and support, we struggle because our experienced team is used to a way of doing things and naturally people are naturally resistant to change.

Zero Waste is a complex subject but we are keen to be part of the change, we think the following points bellow are crucial.

  • Culture Change. 
  • Engaging community.
  • Changing infrastructure :

    1 Waste Prevention.
    2 Separate Collection.
    3 Reduction of Residual waste.

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