Who We Are

Chaos has been set up as a Community Interest Company, a recent legal entity which allows us to carry out all our good works, but also make money from it to reinvest. A classic social enterprise, socially driven with largely charitable aims but financially astute and commercially aware. We need to make a fair return on what we do or we won’t be around next year to do any more of it.

community group walking horse across road

So, why a red butterfly?

Our CHAOS Group logo, our fluttery red friend, is loosely based on the Chaos theory of mathematics. You can Google it and go nuts trying to understand, or simply take it from us that the theory has been roughly explained that if a butterfly flaps its tiny wings, somewhere else on the planet, some time later, a chain reaction will cause something interesting to happen. Something worthwhile maybe.

The efforts and money made by every company within the CHAOS group, can beneficially affect the work of the others; use the services of one and the money you spend can help the work of the rest. Easy. And rather beautiful.

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