What We Do

CHAOS grew out of Stayathome, and so we want new projects and companies to grow out of the CHAOS group as it is now. If a good idea comes along, we want to be able to pull it into the CHAOS group, becoming, over time, an even bigger home for yet more stuff that needs doing.

To date, we are five companies, across a range of sectors. Stayathome, the oldest and biggest part of this group with a focus on maintaining lifestyle both at home and in the local community. Iconic Health, Hair and Beauty, a salon which can deliver treatments and services to promote physical and emotional well-being – the salon has disabled access and all staff are manual handling trained.

Beauty treatments in Iconic Salon Truro
Adjacent to the salon is Cafe Chaos, serving delicious food and drink and training volunteers to be part of a community by learning new skills, working with real customers and excellent trainers. The Cafe also provides a catering offer and meeting space for events in, and around, Truro.
cows standing on the clifftops at Chaos Farm
The fourth business is Chaos Farm, an ever evolving ‘Care Farm’ working with a wide range of clients in a host of ways. Situated in an incredibly beautiful and tranquil location on the Roseland, the farm provides everything from therapeutic learning to developing an important community spirit.

What’s Next

We want to get bigger and more varied in our offer because neat little solutions don’t work, or they can shut doors to a wider opportunity. Neat and tidy, but limiting in a chaotic world. A chaotic world that the CHAOS group can help join up. And people want us to do more. Often we are asked “do you do?” or “if only you could”…we live in that kind of world. They want us to step up and more often than not, we want to step up, in partnership with other like-minded operations. There is a strength in sharing and Cornwall is good at it, the envy of the rest of the UK in many sectors of social work and social enterprise.

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