Cornwall Food For Action 

Cornwall Food Action supplies food to organisations that feed the needy, eg. hostels for the homeless, hostels for recovering addicts, day centres for the elderly and those with learning disabilities, foodbanks and groups such as village halls that help those living in isolated communities to get together. We are not a Foodbank and our approach is different as we do not provide emergency food parcels to individuals instead, we broker and distribute surplus from wholesalers and the front and back end of the food chain directly to organisations who distribute or use the surplus.Cornwall Food Action

Distributing to over 50 charities from Saltash to Penzance including every town in-between, and as far north as Camelford. We concentrate on supplying is typically higher value, long-dated manufacturing surplus, a source often overlooked by food waste charities. It is typically surplus to demand, wrongly labelled or slightly damaged (eg. Pasties with a hole in).

Positive People 

A partnership of 11 Cornish organisations has secured a Big Lottery Fund grant to help Cornwall’s most socially excluded communities return to employment, education and training. The new programme, called ‘Positive People’ or ‘Poosedhogyon’ (Cornish for Positive People), will help over 1,300 individuals who are out of work to build their skills, confidence and motivation. This will include people with disabilities, mental health issues, ex-offenders, homeless people and people over 50.

Support for individuals will include basic literacy and numeracy skills, help to master digital technology, and preparation for work including job search. The programme aims to benefit local communities by reducing poverty and anti-social behaviour. It will also contribute to the growth of the local economy with employers having access to a pool of people with the relevant skills to meet their needs.

Who Dares Work

The project brings together a partnership of 17 Cornwall based social enterprises, across West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, to help a minimum of 850 people who need most support to connect or reconnect with work, education and training. The partnership builds on the unique strengths of each organisation working collaboratively to help participants to help themselves – wherever possible through helping others.


Who Dares Works is for people in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who face the biggest barriers and challenges to connecting or reconnecting with education, training and work. Participants must be 18 or over and not doing paid work of any kind. Who Dares Works recognises that getting back to work or training can be a big and sometimes complex step, requiring a range of different support and motivation.

The Fox Project

Amy from the , she engage on a total confidential way with CHAOS Group workers to coach them and have simple conversations about their well being.

“Since September 2018 I have been in touch with 25 people from CHAOS and meet with at least 3-4 each week, depending on when they are free.

Working with CHAOS has been a really positive experience as they are innovative and are unafraid to try new things. They lead the sector in many ways and are breaking new ground in the way they engage with their community. Babs is really passionate about supporting staff and for me CHAOS being open to consistently looking at ways of improving staff well being and listening to feedback”



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