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As you can imagine, there is a constant flurry of activity within The CHAOS Group and we always have stories to tell. Stay up to date with our latest goings on by reading our blog posts below.

A trip to the theatre with Stay At Home.

We often hear from the families of our clients that going to activities such as the cinema or theatre can be hard, and are often put off. This is due to a number of reasons from being worried that an individual may disrupts the quietness of the place, negative implications from the lighten or even […]

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21 Stress-Busting Tips

Stress is defined as ‘a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.’ Not very desirable sounding is it? Yet who reading this can recognise that feeling very well? Who has felt such emotions in the past month, week or day? Who is dealing with it right now? I […]

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Mental Health in Media – Help or Hindrance?

The way mental illness is illustrated in the media is so compelling, especially for the youth of today. It is incredibly influential and powerful in educating the public. The question is… Does that make media our friend or foe? So let’s break the information down….  For decades, media has given a very negative view of […]

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My feelings are valid?

How are you?  That’s a simple question, right? A question that’s asked absent-mindedly and usually answered with a pretty plain and straightforward response. But what about the people who would’ve read that question and instantly thought –  ‘I’m not okay.’ The people battling with illnesses that you can’t see. People who can’t honestly say that […]

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The Butterfly Effect: Meet Richard

Richard has been volunteering at Café CHAOS for six months as part of the Positive People Project funded by Big Lottery and European Social Fund; he is a talented musician that works extremely hard and is always smiling! “Most people don’t even notice my Asperger’s as it’s so mild and sometimes I’m not good at dealing with it, I was […]

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The Butterfly Effect: Meet Louise

Louise has been volunteering at Café CHAOS for twelve weeks as part of the Positive People Project funded by Big Lottery and European Social Fund; she is a single mum with three children and has a truly inspirational outlook on life. Despite all that life has thrown at her, she still has a gleaming smile across her face […]

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We are recruiting: Change Coach

We have an exciting opportunity to join our  Positive People team as a Change Coach. Based in Truro, working in Camborne, Pool, Redruth, Falmouth and Truro area. The successful candidates will: Provide 1:1 support to engage disadvantaged participants with multiple barriers Provide Advice & Guidance to clients seeking employment Assess participant’s needs and develop an […]

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CHAOS meet Truro Firefighters

One of the many things we love about working at CHAOS is getting the chance to meet other community minded organisations and hear about the exciting ways in which they’re working to make a positive change. Last week, our friends at Truro Community Fire Station invited us to come and visit the station and discuss […]

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Snow Day!

CHAOS stands for “Community Helping All Of Society” and that’s precisely what we did during the recent spell of cold extreme weather. Last week saw the heaviest snowfall Cornwall has seen for more than 10 years – all thanks to a the crossing of paths of “Storm Emma” and “The Beast from The East.” With […]

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CHAOS and Positive People Transform Lives

Sonia is a remarkable lady and was one of the rough sleepers our outreach team met in Christmas 2016 having lived the majority of her life in turmoil and addiction she is now well into her recovery. In January 2018 we find ourselves again playing an active part in Sonia’s journey through our work within the […]

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The Butterfly Effect: Meet Josh

Josh had previously been working at Café CHAOS as part of the Positive People Project funded by The Big Lottery and European Social Fund; you’ll probably recognise him by his huge welcoming smile. He has now been in employment with one of our partners Stayathome Cornwall as a care apprentice for over a year and we are very […]

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Swapping the City for the Chaos

I first came to Cornwall to study Photography at Falmouth University. I fell in love with the county over those three years, though a lack of funds and career plan saw me returning home to London after graduation. I spent a year or so gathering sought after experience; interning here there and anywhere, eager to […]

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