Below is a list of the initiatives that The CHAOS Group are involved with.

1) ECO-Brick – Reducing our unavoidable single-use plastic waste ending up as general waste. Offices are welcome to have an eco-brick in their office or use the cafes.

2) Reusable coffee cups – To reduce the single-use coffee cups that Café CHAOS consumes we offer a 25p discount on hot drinks as an incentive to the public. We also provide recycled Cups to all staff and sell them.

3) Final straw – Plastic straws have been eliminated. Upon review we have also restricted paper straws within in the business, this is as we see paper as vital natural resource. We still stock a small amount of paper straws for those with additional needs.

4) Refill Cornwall – Allowing the public to use our facilities to fill up their bottles for free as an incentive to decrease single use drink bottles.

5) Craft activities – Any relevant materials that the organisation has used is sent to CHAOS Farm to be re-used in a range of craft activities.

6) Community Fridge – Working in partnership with Cornwall Food Action together to create zero food waste in the community. Collecting and redistributing food surplus from supermarkets. Our community fridge is located outside Café CHAOS and is welcome to ALL to take from. (More info)

7) Compost Bin – CHAOS acquired two 500-liter compost bin to compost on site, using the food waste from CHAOS Cafe customers to make compost to later use on CHAOS Farm. This is pure circular economy.

8) Green Workshops – CHAOS Group, in line with our environmental commitment, have decided to launch our “Green Workshops”. The general concept behind this is to increase environmental awareness and sustainable behaviour in the community. Open to both businesses and individuals.  (More info)

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