Green Workshops 

What is it?

CHAOS Group in conformity with our environmental commitment we decided to launch our “Green Workshops”. The general concept behind this is to increase environmental awareness and sustainable behavior in the community. Open to both businesses and individuals, the workshops will be a place for knowledge sharing, not just us giving advice but receiving it to. Environmental issues can’t be solved on our their but only with communities working together. The idea behind these workshops is to get us all working together for a sustainable future. The workshops will vary depending on the outcomes wanted, they can range from just small tips for every day life or give a working example of overcoming different environmental challenges.

Our workshops will be given by Kensa, our Sustainability Officer with a BSc in Business and Tourism and a MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management.  We believe passionately that knowledge sharing is vital for environment improvement, there is always room for improvement which is why we are excited to start this mission with the whole community.

 Why should you learn about the environment and ways to save it?

Have you ever heard of the “six degrees of separation”? Is the idea that all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. That is crazy right?

But that means you and us can make a change just by change habits of 6 persons and those 6 persons make a change on other 6 and so on. Even cliché as it sounds, we only have one planet earth, all of us are responsible for it, a small change can make a bigger difference that you can imagine.

That looks interesting, can I go?

Are you wondering if you can attend our Green Workshops?  Of course, you can! CHAOS Group is an inclusive organization that means every individual, family, organization or corporation can be part of this initiative. You should reserve your seat before via telephone, email or on site at CHAOS Café.

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