Community Fridge

What is it?

So, you can have some context “Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted.” via Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) That problem is a common to developed countries and U.K isn’t an exception, we know a global change is required but until that solution isn’t in place the problem will be and should be solved locally.

Our solution is to provide a community fridge on CHAOS Group hub, there people of all genre, religion can find food of all types, canned food, fresh vegetables, frozen meat and other diverse cooking ingredients, with the given respect for other users they are more than welcome to take home what they see fit to their, there is no stigma on taking free food, first you are helping the environment that food was produced and as going to the waste.

How we get the food?

In a partnership between Cornwall Food Action the local big supermarkets supply us with a variety of food Tesco, Waitrose & Marks & Spencer’s are all part of it. We appreciate their support in this initiative. We are open to new partners that act in conformity with the law.

Who can use the community fridge?

The community fridge is free of use, every person, you don’t need to be registered, be a client at the Café CHAOS, we truly believe by this way take the stigma/shame that this subject is associated. Don’t think just because we all live in a developed country there isn’t people lacking basics like food.  

We will leave you some numbers to show the real-impact we had.

Remember one thing the food you see in the supermarket shelf as to get there somehow, the production and transportation of those same products has a tremendous effect on environment. In our website you can find data about food tones saved, carbon emission, persons helped.

We acknowledge that this is a win-win situation, first and most important we are given food to people that sometimes don’t have means to get no even one full meal, there might be others that will use this as a complement, by doing this we are helping the environment. Help us helping people promote this, and never but never talk in a depreciative.

Today it’s someone’s needs tomorrow might be you.

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