A trip to the theatre with Stay At Home.

We often hear from the families of our clients that going to activities such as the cinema or theatre can be hard, and are often put off. This is due to a number of reasons from being worried that an individual may disrupts the quietness of the place, negative implications from the lighten or even the restricted access to places.

Here at Stay At Home we want to break down these barriers and enable our clients, and their families, to take part in activities that most of us would take advantage of being able to do. This is why when we heard about the Frozen Light theatre coming to Cornwall we were super excited!

Frozen Light is a theatre company which creates exciting and original multi-sensory theatre for audiences with complex needs and multi-learning disabilities. Aimed at stamping out barriers to going to these sort of events, Frozen light was grown out of a desire to make theatre for audiences that don’t usually access theatre in mainstream venues.

When Frozen Light contacted Stay At Home with a few spare tickets, of there sold out show, we jumped at the chance. Only having a few tickets we offered them to our clients at a first come first basis, and not surprisingly they were snapped up quickly.

The show itself and feedback received from families and carers were outstanding. The show was very well put together and the three people that took part were hugely talented. It gave a sensory theatre experience and it was made very personal because the actors came around to each of the children and sang to them as well including their names in the song.

The audience were given blankets to add extra comfort and make them even more relaxed.

The show was highly interactive and was described by one parent as “Having a very positive effects on their wellbeing, both emotionally and socially.” There was no stage, just the set which made it extremely accessible.

It wasn’t just the parents that had a lot to say about the event, the staff had a wonderful time too and told us just how happy their clients were as well!

The music and theatrical performance was a unique and complementary combination! The theatre itself was small, which I felt, made it more personal!

“I believe the theatre experience made a difference to the support of the individual, the family and the staff doing the support! The individual appeared, after the theatre experience, more relaxed and I believe they enjoyed themselves.”

Describing what the theatre was actually like one Stay At Home worker said: “There were a lot techniques I personally learnt by sensory performance using Led lighting, balloons, radio, touch, vibration and water! The music and theatrical performance was a unique and complementary combination. The theatre itself was small, which I felt, made it more personal.”

“The actors and staff running the event made the whole session so comfortable and at ease for myself and the individual I was supporting, even though it was a group event I felt a sense that it was very individual and their focus on each individual person was brilliant.

My usual working day would involve making sure the individual I was supporting can access the community and be safe as well as be stimulated and enjoy their day. This performance did just that!”

All staff members there said for definite they would take their clients to similar events again as the clients had so much fun and appeared relaxed and happy.

We can’t thank Frozen Light enough for this experience and cannot wait for their return to Cornwall!