The Butterfly Effect: Meet Louise

Louise has been volunteering at Café CHAOS for twelve weeks as part of the Positive People Project funded by Big Lottery and European Social Fund; she is a single mum with three children and has a truly inspirational outlook on life. Despite all that life has thrown at her, she still has a gleaming smile across her face that can light up any room.

“I first came across the Positive People Project when I met Lindsay (Change Coach) at CHAOS Farm when she helped me book my daughter on to Equine Therapy sessions. The Positive People Project has built my self-confidence and self-esteem.”

“I started at Café CHAOS in January as a volunteer the same time my daughter received funding for fifteen free hours a week at nursery, so I thought now she’s in there I want to do something for me and this was it.

Since joining the project I feel that I’m a better mum to my children, they can see the difference in me. When I was unemployed it was depressing as I was struggling on the benefits that I received. We are looking at going on holiday next year to a caravan for a week, it will be our first holiday for years.”

“I have now finished the programme and I’m a paid employee at Café CHAOS two days a week, as soon as I got offered the job I had a big smile on my face and couldn’t believe it. The Positive People Project has given me my life back, I’m not relying on benefits anymore and can show my daughter that you can do it even with children as a single mum.”

“I want to work at Cafe CHAOS forever, it’s giving something back to people. I like looking after the volunteers…look how much they’ve helped me, now I want to do the same for them.”

Positive Change made possible thanks to Positive People and the Big Lottery Fund.