The Butterfly Effect: Meet Josh

Josh had previously been working at Café CHAOS as part of the Positive People Project funded by The Big Lottery and European Social Fund; you’ll probably recognise him by his huge welcoming smile. He has now been in employment with one of our partners Stayathome Cornwall as a care apprentice for over a year and we are very proud of his progress.

“I’ve got Speech Dyspraxia, Coordination Dyspraxia and Dyslexia, it gets on my nerves a bit. It affects me in work as it makes me really clumsy, CHAOS has supported me in the way I learn.

I was a builder and then I went to do chef work after that, a lot of my family wanted me to try working in care. I wanted to do care work because I feel like I have a bit of an understanding through my friends; some of them are blind and have a range of problems.

I have struggled to find work and find it especially hard to hold down a job as I’m a slow learner and people don’t really understand that it takes time for me to understand bits and bobs. Some places in the past have been a bit pressuring because they thought I needed to learn it there and then, but that’s hard for me because I don’t have the best of memories and it makes me stressed and causes me to freak out a bit.

I like working at the café because it’s really relaxed and it’s helped me a lot really, they’re really accepting in terms of where I want to go. It surprised me when they offered me an apprenticeship in care. It’s helped my mental health to be around people so accepting of me, I’m less stressed all the time and I’m a lot more chilled out.

I wouldn’t really ever consider anything to be a struggle because everything’s a can do.”