Cafe CHAOS Creates Happy Memories

Cafe CHAOS held its first wedding today, complete with hay bales, Felicity the flamingo and pom poms! It’s lovely to see the quirkiness of the cafe complimented by the personal touches of the bride and groom. The CHAOS Group aim to bring happiness to the people, so it’s a pleasure to see our little cafe used for such a big day, a day that is full of laughter, love and tipsy guests.

Situated opposite Waitrose in Truro, with a free car park, Café CHAOS is the perfect location for any event and it is an affordable option (leaving more money for cocktails on the honeymoon). Chef Chris Wake can cater for a wide variety of events and requirements from a three-course meal to cheese and pineapple sticks. All of our volunteers cater the events such as waiting or food preparation, therefore by choosing us as your venue you will be supporting the work that we do.

If you’re interested in booking an event with us please call 01872 246725 or email OR pop in for a cuppa and some lunch and we can have a chat.

Happy sunny Wednesday,

Emily (The new Marketing Assistant)