About us

Cornwall Food Action supplies food to organisations that feed the needy, eg. hostels for the homeless, hostels for recovering addicts, day centres for the elderly and those with learning disabilities, foodbanks and groups such as village halls that help those living in isolated communities to get together. We are not a Foodbank and our approach is different as we do not provide emergency food parcels to individuals instead, we broker and distribute surplus from wholesalers and the front and back end of the food chain directly to organisations who distribute or use the surplus.Cornwall Food Action

Distributing to over 50 charities from Saltash to Penzance including every town in-between, and as far north as Camelford. We concentrate on supplying is typically higher value, long-dated manufacturing surplus, a source often overlooked by food waste charities. It is typically surplus to demand, wrongly labelled or slightly damaged (eg. Pasties with a hole in).

Collecting and redistributing around £50,000 worth of food a year, we have no paid members of staff and it costs about £6000 a year for us to run.  Our only expenses are the rental of a Hub where food is stored and a mileage allowance for volunteers when funds are sufficient.

Cornwall Food Action have a mission to eliminate food waste across the region whilst engaging community’s and making people aware of the wider picture of the environment, carbon emissions form landfill and liveable, habitual sustainability.  We strongly believe that food is for people not landfill.

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