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Welcome to the CHAOS Group

CHAOS stands for Community Helping All Of Society. We chose it because that’s who we are, and who we’re out to help. We work with vulnerable people, delivering employability skills, engaging them in meaningful activities and supporting them to access employment in their communities.

The project aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society, breaking down cultural barriers and preventing the stigmatisation of disability. This is actioned through highlighting each individuals unique skills and abilities, then looking at how they can positively contribute to their community.

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Who, what, where, when and why?

CHAOS. That little five letter word reflects an unlikely attitude to doing what we do, and it’s that, along with superb skills and excellent training which has got the CHAOS group this far. And commitment to what we do. And hard work.

So, CHAOS it is. Odd but it fits, both with us and those we work with. We like to think we’re chaotic but clever, chaotic but compassionate, chaotic but caring, chaotic but comprehensive. Chaotic, but effective.

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What we do

Within the CHAOS group there are linkages and cohesion. We work together with the same aims and attitudes. So far, we are 5 companies ranging from Stayathome care to hair, health and beauty.

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Our head office is located at the top of Tregolls Road in Truro, adjacent to Iconic Health, Hair and Beauty as well as Cafe Chaos. Pop in and say hello!

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